BEOS AG and TRIWO AG have joined forces to promote the sustainable development of Air Tech Campus Oberpfaffenhofen. The joint venture aims to raise the profile of this aviation technology hub, give existing tenants space for development, and attract new companies from across the aerospace industry. In a true spirit of cooperation, the joint venture draws on the combined expertise of both companies.

BEOS AG is the leading asset manager and developer of corporate real estate in Germany. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Berlin, the company has an interdisciplinary team that manages mixed-use commercial properties in the office, production, service and logistics sectors – in other words: corporate real estate. The company combines economic expertise with creative ideas to develop  and implement new utilisation concepts for a diverse tenant base.

TRIWO AG was founded in 1972 in Trier and is a real estate developer specialising in the long-term development and leasing of commercial properties. Alongside the development of industrial and technology parks, the company’s core business areas also include the operation of airports and car test centres. In addition to Air Tech Campus Oberpfaffenhofen, TRIWO is responsible for the airport infrastructure at the special-purpose airfields in Zweibrücken and Mendig.